Flood Risk Zone Maps


The map shows Flood Risk areas for Zones 2 and 3.  These are related to Planning Applications.  Click the Layers dropdown to select which layers to Show or Hide on the map.

If you want to see more details for your property then please see the Environment Agencies ' Check Your Long Term Flood Risk page.

Flood Barrier Deployment

The Town flood defence barrier was deployed in January and following advice from the Environment Agency it remained in place during February.  Due to the Coronavirus outbreak it was not possible to remove the barrier in March as planned. 

The removal of the barrier relies on our flood volunteers and during the epidemic it has not been possible to do the work safely while respecting the social distancing guidance.  As soon as it is safe to do so the barrier will be removed.


We have limited supplies of sandbags and these can disappear quite quickly if we supply too soon.
We try and time it right but flooding is notoriously difficult to predict with any degree of accuracy.
Builders Merchants / sandbag supplier details for the various areas - see Builders Merchants in yellow pages or carry out a search on the internet.

Community Resilience

 Parishes that hold Community Emergency Plans which may incorporate specific flood related information should ensure that these plans are current and up to date.

Also remember that flood water holds hidden dangers such as lifted drain covers, pollution, trip hazards etc and that fast flowing water can easily lift a person off their feet.

Wiltshire Council Sandbags

We will maintain a stock of sandbags at depots across Wiltshire with a minimum of 500 bags at each storage location.
We will supply sandbags free of charge on a “needs” basis in response to flooding emergencies.
We will not supply sandbags in advance based on forecasts.
If requests for supply or delivery are received during an emergency situation, we will consider them sympathetically on a case-by-case basis according to apparent vulnerability.
We will encourage property owners in known flood areas to adopt a “self help” approach and prepare in advance and respond to forecasts or flood warnings. We will encourage people making enquiries for

Sandbags at these stages to look to local suppliers such as builders merchants where they can purchase them or possibly have them delivered. This will help to preserve our stocks for emergency response.
The Environment Agency promotes self-help schemes and we will refer people to their website.
Once issued to householders the disposal of contaminated sandbags following a flooding event will not be the responsibility of Wiltshire Council. Information can be provided on the most appropriate method of disposal but once issued the sandbags become the property of the occupier or organisation.

Wiltshire Council Sandbags

If your property is in imminent danger of flooding please telephone Wiltshire Council's Emergency contact 0800 232323 or out of hours call 01722 413834 to request assistance.

Please note sandbags will only be provided in response to emergency situations. You cannot collect sandbags from any of our depots.

If you require sandbags as a precautionary measure you will need to make your own arrangements to purchase them from local suppliers.

Wiltshire Council has in place an Emergency Management Plan and will respond to flooding events. We do not have a statutory duty to provide sandbags, but experience shows that the community expects the council to help if flooding is imminent. It is important that we handle enquiries sympathetically but in accordance with the following principles:


If your property is in a flood risk area you may find it useful to complete a Personal Flood Plan to help you prepare for an emergency situation.

Wilton Town Council Emergency Plans

Emergency Plan