Castle Meadow Pavilion

The pavilion is a fantastic space, including a large main room, kitchen facilities and toilets and is available to hire.  To find out more go to our dedicated page.   

To hire the Pavilion, please contact the Assistant to the Town Clerk on 01722 742093 or at assistantclerk@wiltontowncouncil.gov.uk.  

a straight shot of the pavilion which is a one level brick building with a grey roof and white doors and a small shelter in a big field

Tennis Courts 

Wilton Town Council have recently re-surfaced the 2 free to use tennis courts on Minster Street.  

The courts are usually locked, however due to the current Covid-19 situation the gates are unlocked and they are free to play.  This may change later in the year as the Council is in the process of installing a pay as you play system.

So at the moment just turn up, and if the courts are empty then you can play!


two beautiful astro tennis courts surrounded on 2 sides by trees

vans and stalls set up in a car park which has a few trees around it

Wilton Market

Wilton has a vibrant and friendly market every Thursday between 08:00 and 13:30 in the Market Square.  With regular and friends stall holders selling fresh fish, fresh fruit and veg, a pet food & toys plus a local butchers stall our market really is a focal point and important part of Wilton.  


The play area and tennis courts at Minster St, (on the corner of Minster St/A30 and the A36).
The recreation ground and Sports Pavilion at Castle Meadow, Castle Lane, just off North Street.
The play area and park on the Bulbridge Estate.
The play area at Wishford Road.
The Cemetery on the A30/Shaftesbury Road
The churchyard surrounding Old St Mary's Church in the town centre


 The two (free) car parks in the Market Square and South Street.

The public toilets in Greyhound Lane, just off the Market Square between the Health & Medical Centre and The Greyhound Inn
The Council Offices, just off Kingsbury Square.
CCTV in the town centre 
5 bus shelters, located at St Andrews Close, Burcombe Lane, Seagrim Road, Wishford Road and West Street.
Dog bag dispensers at Castle Meadow and Bulbridge