Update from Wiltshire Council

Published: 18 January 2023

Please drive carefully and watch out for ice this week As temperatures are expected to fall well below zero tonight (Monday 16 January) and for much of the coming week, we are advising drivers to take extra care on the roads. Our gritter fleet will be working throughout the night tonight and through the period of cold weather to treat the county’s primary and secondary routes.

However, there is a lot of standing water on our highways network and it will freeze, creating dangerous patches on ice. So please drive extremely carefully, assuming that there is ice present, even on treated roads. Some roads are still flooded, so please do not attempt to drive through floodwater or through road closures, and drive to the conditions.

Due to the low temperatures forecast over the next few days, we've activated the Severe Weather Emergency Provision for rough sleepers. If you know of someone who is sleeping rough, please refer them viaStreetlink or call 0300 456 0106