Volunteer Opportunities

Wilton Help!


Wilton Help! was an initiative set up and organised by local volunteers who then partnered with Wilton Town Council towards the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. The objective was to assist vulnerable and shielding local residents with tasks such as shopping and prescription deliveries.

The scheme was extremely well received dealing with almost 2 thousand calls and was crowned 'Best Hero' at this years Village of the Year Awards and was also awarded a grant by the Wiltshire Community Foundation.

As the Covid-19 situation in England has continued the Wilton Help! scheme has, along with funding from Wilton Town Council, moved to become a Community Interest Company. This change means Wilton Help! is now able to fund raise to support the community efforts and volunteers.

Wilton Help does now need more volunteers and if you are able to help please visit http://www.wiltonhelp.co.uk for more information.

If you need support, then please contact Wilton Help! on 01722 968968.


Wilton Wombles

The Council is promoting the Wilton Wombles - a band of dedicated litter pickers who keep the Town ship-shape.  The Council provides equipment and insurance for the volunteers, so if you want to get involved please get in touch.  We will advertise our events here.

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Wilton Wildlife Group

Wilton Wildlife Group is a dedicated band of nature lovers.  They have Facebook site where you can share your latest sightings and stories.  The group also undertakes volunteer activities and this is promoted and supported by the Council with equipment and insurance.

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Wilton Community Response Team

Wilton Town Council is looking to recruit volunteers to help in times of emergency - flooding, snow, drought, etc.  If you are interested in becoming a CEV, please let us know.

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Flood Barrier 

Wilton Flood Wardens

Wilton currently has three Flood Wardens, who work to identify and report flood risks.  They also support and advise property owners.   The flood wardens are supported and insured by the Council.

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