Minster Street Tennis Courts

Wilton Town Council have recently re-surfaced the 2 free to use tennis courts on Minster Street.  

The courts are open to all users from Spring to mid December and there is no need to book.  The courts are always locked but access can be gained by using the regularly updated padlock code - displayed below when the courts are available.

Once you have the code, just turn up, and if the courts are empty then you can play!

Current code:


Enjoy your game!

Code of practice

o   These tennis courts are for tennis use only. Bikes, scooters, footwear with spikes or studs and dogs (with the exception of guide dogs) are all strictly prohibited on tennis courts

o   Please respect your own and others’ possessions. Wilton Town Council accepts no responsibility for items lost, stolen or damaged on the premises

o   People not playing tennis should respect players on court by not making excessive noise or causing distractions

o   Please respect and safeguard the tennis court which is available for use by all members of the community. Damage caused to the tennis court is chargeable to the offender(s).

o   Please dispose of any rubbish and chewing gum in the bin provided by the shelter.

o   Players should understand that they play at their own risk. To the extent permitted by law, we will not accept responsibility for any injuries incurred during play at the Wilton Town Council tennis court in any weather/ground conditions. Court usage in poor weather conditions is at the individual’s personal risk

o   These courts are free to use, in the interests of fairness, at peak times such as weekday evenings and weekends, we would ask that you are considerate and limit court time to one hour.

Thank you or your cooperation and enjoy your game!