South Street Car Park now being used for Covid vaccination parking

Published: 04 February 2021

Wilton Town Council agreed in the recent Full Council meeting that, whilst the Community Vaccine Program is underway at the Michael Herbert Hall, parking in the South street will be prioritised for those receiving their Covid-19 vaccinations.

The vaccinations have been very busy, undertaking between 400-500 vaccinations a day and so ensuring parking for the patients – many of whom are elderly or cannot walk very far is vital.

Volunteers have been organised by the Wilton Rotary Club and will be directing drivers to spaces where available. We do ask that non vaccination drivers (and those able to walk a little further) avoid using South St car park during vaccination hours (8:45am-3:30pm) as space is limited. There is additional 2-hour parking in the Market Square (except on Thursdays as this is Market Day) and also at the Park & Ride on The Avenue.  Outside of the vaccination hours parking will be as usual.

The next round of vaccinations will commence on the 6th February and we expect them to finish on the 10th February.

Whilst this is a difficult time and parking in Wilton is often limited, the Town Council and those helping to facilitate the vaccinations do appreciate your help and cooperation to help make this as smooth an operation as possible.

It is fantastic that Wilton has been able to play its part in overcoming Covid-19 and hopefully these vaccinations will help us all get back to some sort of normality soon.