Surviving Winter Fund

Published: 15 January 2021

Surviving Winter Fund - Update from Wiltshire Council's Community Engagement Team

Wiltshire residents can now claim up to £250 via the Centre for Sustainable Energy (whilst funds last!) to help with their heating and fuel bills over the cold period. This time round they are paying either for top up vouchers for  prepayment meters or credit into energy account if paid by direct debit. The fund can also help with solid fuels also such as LPG gas bottles, wood or coal.

To be eligible, the you will need be in receipt of a means tested benefit, of pension age, or of working age and receiving a disability benefit (or you/someone in the household has a health condition worsened by the cold). You also need to be struggling with your fuel bills and keeping their home warm.

The fund can also help with boiler repairs of up to £300.

To apply, or find out more please visit  .   You can also call their advice line number on 0800 038 5722.