Wilton Neighbourhood Plan - have your say

Published: 01 November 2019

What is the Neighbourhood Plan?
The Neighbourhood Plan is your opportunity to influence how Wilton is enhanced and protected through any new development undertaken in the Town.

How will this happen?
All planning applications in Wilton will have to be assessed against the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan, not just the policies of Wiltshire Council, which will give us all much more control over how the Town develops.

How is this different to the Wilton Vision?
The Wilton Vision 2010 addresses a wide range of issues including leisure, health and policing and helps mobilise the community to effect changes of its own, changes which can usually be implemented without going through the planning process. The Neighbourhood Plan will guide the planned use of land in the Town which does need to go through the planning process.

How can you help?
It is vital that the Neighbourhood Plan reflects the views of residents and businesses in Wilton and covers those issues which are of most importance to you. It is crucial that as many people as possible contribute to this process, starting with this questionnaire.

What happens next?
The process of writing a Neighbourhood Plan must follow a number of steps.

1.     We will analyse all of your responses to this questionnaire.

2.     We will then write a range of planning policies based on these responses.

3.     We will consult you next year to see if you agree with the planning policies created.

4.     We will then compile a draft Neighbourhood Plan document and consult you once more.

5.     Once we have finalised the Plan, Wiltshire Council will invite a range of stakeholders to comment for a period of six weeks, and the Plan will be subjected to an independent examination by an appointed examiner.

6.     Finally, a referendum will be held in the Town, for you to decide whether or not to accept the Plan. We hope to complete the entire process before the end of 2020.

Please complete the survey online: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WiltonNP