Wilton Neighbourhood Plan



In consultation with the local community, Wilton Town Council is working to create a neighbourhood plan that reflects the needs of the town.

Wilton Town Council is beginning work on a Neighbourhood Plan and the Council need help from local residents, businesses and community groups to develop a shared vision for the town and to shape a new Neighbourhood Plan.


You can find more information about what a neighbourhood plan is, the process for creating one, news and updates and how you can add your voice to the plan at wilton neighbourhood plan.

 There will be regular meetings for the Neighbourhood Plan and these will be held at the Council Chambers unless otherwise stated. The schedule of meetings, starting on the 16th January 2019 will be as follows:


January-Wednesday 16th    7:15pm   

February-Wednesday 20th   7:15pm  

March-Wednesday 20th   7:15pm    

April- Wednesday 17th   7:15pm  

May- Wednesday 15th   7:15pm  

June-Wednesday 19th    7:15pm   

July-Wednesday 17th    7:15pm