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The Area Board is a formally constituted arm of Wiltshire Council, and will have delegated authority assigned to it to act as a local executive arm of Wiltshire Council. In the longer term, the hope is for other key organisations providing public services to the area, - such as the Health, Police and Fire Services – to be represented on the Area Board and for them to make executive decisions at these meetings too.

South West Wiltshire Area Board


  • To provide a focus for community leadership, local influence and devolved decision making, through the democratic mandate of elected councillors.
  • To influence the allocation of resources and delivery of public services in the community area in order to pursue local priorities and issues (to include services provided by the Town and Parish Councils as agents under contract to Wiltshire Council).
  • To bring together key service providers and the local community into a coherent cycle, linked to budget and decision making processes, where current conditions and future priorities are considered in the round through an annual State of the Community Area debate; where priorities for action to address these issues are published in a Local Area Assessment; where budget priorities are set and grants are awarded for local projects, using participatory budgeting techniques at an Annual Decision Day event; and where persistent sticky issues are identified and failing services are held to account through Local Challenge.
  • To agree a framework for consultations carried out in the Community Area on behalf of Wiltshire Council (and in the linger term, consultation carried out by other partners); also to provide feed back on major statutory consultations on behalf of the Community Area.
  • To allocate core funding for the operation of the Community Area Partnership and project funding for identified community priorities; to develop participatory budgeting processes and to be instrumental in supporting and developing funding applications to external bodies and funding streams.
  • To provided excellent two-way communication for the community area about public service provision and to the Wiltshire Council and cabinet about the implementation and effectiveness of policies.


  • Elected Wiltshire Councillors in the community area (the chairman to be selected from and agreed by this group) plus one cabinet member of Wiltshire Council.
  • The Area Board will also have as standing members elected representatives from the Town and parish Councils in the community area; and the Chairman of the Community Area partnership; and invite representatives of the Police, Fire and Health services at a senior decision –making level as appropriate.